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Get the inside story on the most unique place in St. John's.

LANDSCAPE IS MORE than what your eyes see

It's also the layers of human experience that have accumulated in a place.


You may think it's just a rock you're looking at. But layers of human memory may call it Windsor Rock, with the story of a sailing captain who holed his schooner on it while tacking into port.  Or Chain Rock, with a story of torpedoes exploding against a submarine net stretched across the Narrows in World War Two. Or where an episode of Republic of Doyle filmed the story of a fictional drug bust, or where the leprechauns hide their money...


While your eyes find laneways and houses, your ears will find the inside stories, including:


Best-selling novelist Lisa Moore with her new short story set on the Battery.

Governor-General's Award-winning poets Don McKay and Michel Savard celebrating quirky neighbours and quirkier geology.

Painter Jean-Claude Roy showing you the vista through an artist's eyes.

• Battery livyers sharing personal stories, from fishing to falling overboard to finding a leprechaun's treasure.

A grafitti artist spraying his Battery tags.

Naval historian Gary Greene recounting the Battery's role in the Battle of the Atlantic during World War 2.

Storyteller Dale Jarvis with a secret -very secret - ghost story.

and more...

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