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Experience the Battery and its secrets through sound

IT'S EASY!  Just...

• Download the app

• Plug in your earbuds or headphones and start walking.

• Then - it's automatic!  Your phone knows where you are, and triggers stories and sounds using GPS - so it won't run up data costs on your phone.

• Slip your phone in your pocket, and stroll as fast or as slow as you like. Sounds and stories will whisper in your ear all the way from the beginning of Battery Road to the North Head Trail and back.

• Don't worry if a voice fades out - it just means you've moved out of that location. Retrace your steps and it'll pick up from where it left off.

• Be sure your phone has "location services" turned on (under "privacy" setting)

• It works only when you're in the Battery, where there's not much traffic - but keep an eye out for cars as you go, just in case.

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